Mathew Chile's Christmas Train Set

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Once received, we'll reach out via email to answer any questions you may have or to follow up with you with our own questions. Also, feel free to call us. We accept payments via PayPal and will give you information on how to do this once we have confirmed the order with you.

Alternatively, if you would like to order multiple different kinds of engraved bricks, please download and fill out the following form and email it to Order Form for Multiple Bricks

For more than 200 bricks,  Contact Us to discuss pricing. FLL Teams, LUG, and LTC members also receive a discount!

Just ask us about any colors not listed! Some colors are easy to obtain and others are rare. We will let you know the pricing of non-standard colors listed or not listed that you may desire. Prices vary with color. 


We can do most colors
We can do most colors.
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By when do you need this?
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