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I am going to continue to maintain this site but also have another one that is easier for me to update so make sure to visit

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Tommy Armstrong: the Original Brickengraver.

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Great News--My Fig-TEE (tm) has now arrived. This is a specially designed part compatible with all leading mini figs. It is a one sided shirt onto which I can print company logos or whatever. This is NOT a LEGO (tm) part but was designed by me with the help of Brickforge and injected in ABS plastic.

Now you can customize your own minifig with your logo or whatever. Pictures to come soon.


Well I guess I am also the "Original BrickPrinter" now as well as I have acquired a printer that will print with amazing resolution directly onto parts. For example full color logos or pictures on bricks and minifigs. I have done a few but have not many pictures, but here are some that I did for BrickCon in Seattle.

Click for large picture so can really see the detail possible. Those are the covers of BrickJounals on a 2x2 tile !! and the BrickJournal header is on a 1x2 tile!!!

This new technology really opens up wonderful possibilities for LEGO(tm) enthusiasts.

Hope to have more pics up soon.



My idea of "Business Bricks" (TM) are actually now a real possibility as once a file is set up with the printer, one can reproduce them much more economically than if engraved. Check out my "Business Brick" in the large version of the picture to see what is possible. Instead of card holders, just stack your "Business Bricks" (TM) on top of each other. Can also create "Business Figs"(tm) also but of course more expensive. So for one of the most unique calling cards in the world today, think "Business Bricks" (TM) and "Business Figs" (TM).

And can actually print photographs and other artwork directly onto panels or walls of bricks. Very kewl puzzles. Printed on a panel, no need for a frame as they stand on their own. Possibilities are pretty much endless.

I am very excited about this and think it will bring out an incredible amount of creativity in the LEGO community. Give someone a new tool and you never know what they will create with it.

This home page is really kind of turning into a kind of blog. Need to redo this site, but time, time, time.

Engraving for badges and keyrings and such is still a great option-for one thing they are practically indestructible. And setting up separate individual names is actually easier with engraving than printing. Or can combine them--printed on one side of minifig and engraved on the other. Put logo on one part of badge and individual names beside it.


This is the home of The Brickengraver, Tommy Armstrong. I personalize LEGO bricks, tiles, panels, and minifig torsos, among other things.

Check out my wooden veneered bricks used in some pretty kewl trophies that shows engraved bricks and logo. Trophies

Need a really unique name badge--that is pretty much my specialty. One or 100 or 1000. Great for events, clubs, FLL teams.

Having a LEGO (tm) themed birthday party and want everyone to have a personalized brick--drop me a line.

Having a LEGO (tm) themed wedding--I am your man for favors --really I have done a few of them from minifigs to even engraved place cards for the guests.

Need a unique calling brick or promo item, I can do simple logos on bricks and make key rings out of them. Business bricks really make an impression.  These make for great fund raisers also.

Need a really different luggage tag--I can make them out of the "noble brick" so that your luggage will stand out.

Need a custom photo-mosaic of WoodStitches (TM), I am the only one in the world that can do that (until of course someone steals my idea). Not cheap--but guaranteed unique.

If you are a LEGO (TM) builder, drop me a line about some custom item you need.

Trust me, the quality of my products is much better than the quality of this website. All items are engraved and filled with acrylic paint of whatever color you desire. All bricks, torsos, and tiles are polished to a mirror finish by a proprietary method that I have developed. You can choose your font, brick color and text color.

References available on request and everything carries satisfaction guarantee. year.  

The highlight of BrickFest 2005 for me was getting the Owner of LEGO, Kjeld Kristiansen, to autograph my mosaic of him. This was the first photo mosaic I had created with my new WoodStitches® which are LEGO® bricks veneered with real wood veneer. I felt it came across pretty darn good. It contains approximately 3000 1x1's and 35 different woods and/or wood orientations. And although not really in the toy tradition of regular LEGO, I think it can open up new and perhaps exciting craft projects.

Here are a couple of pictures of my first three mosaics. The photo mosaic of Mr. Kristiansen, an oriental rug design, and a Navajo pattern from a rug. Large pictureSmaller picture

And something that has nothing to do with LEGO, but one of the better photos I have taken recently at the ballet- On Point (click)

Check out our new Desk Plates--very classy and worthy of any desk.

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To provide to the LEGO® community the highest quality engraved name badges made from LEGO® bricks (as well as other media) and assorted other specialized services

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My contact post form is not working and I am too  pressed for time and energy to try and get it back so if you have any questions at all --just email me at or call at 910-893-5508.





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