Hero Dice made by Dominic Lund. We engraved blue tiles.

MOC Personalized with Engraved Tiles

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your order. If you would like a color other than listed, choose "Other" and leave a comment in the Additional Information Box.

Once you send us the form, we will communicate with you via email to answer any questions you may have or that we may have for you. We accept payments via PayPal and will give you instructions via email, as well, on how to do this once we have confirmed the order with you.

Alternatively, if you would like to place an order for more than one kind of engraved tile, you can download and fill out the following file and email it to tfa@brickengraver.com: Tile Form for Complex Order

For more than 100 bricks,  Contact Us to discuss pricing. Also, discounts may be available for FLL teams, LUG and LTC members.

Tile Order Form

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