One of the more exciting new products we can now offer  are what we like to call BrickPuzzles. Ever since I got my first printer, I have always done them - in fact one of first things I wanted to do. But now because of an improvement in printer technology and cost savings and superior durability and quality, these are now really first class and very unique option. We set up recently at a Holiday Fair and took the printer with us to see what kind of response we would get and it was really good. And now as opposed to 5 years ago, almost everyone has high quality photos taken on their phones that are easily shared. So over the long weekend people would simply email us their picture and we would print them on various size BrickPuzzles. Grand children, children, family portraits, dogs, cats, boats, cars, horses, travel photos, art work,  even sonograms of children not yet born. These can be made into Christmas ornaments, refrigerator magnets, and prints of all sizes. So instead of putting cardboard puzzle pieces together, you get to click LEGO(tm) bricks and build the picture. And they stand by themselves.